How to add Facebook Messenger Chat Button to website?

Step by step how to add Facebook Messenger Chat Button to website.

  1. Login to your facebook and select your page.
  2. Click on Setting button from right top corner
  3. In Setting page click on Messaging from left menu
  4. Copy Your Messenger URL (example
  5. Next login to your WidgetSquad account and click on Install Script button where you can find small javascript code, just copy that code annd paste into your website before the end of </head> tag.
  6. Now go to Dashboard again and click on Create Campaign button.
  7. Enter your website name and domain name and submit
  8. Now click on recently created Campaign
  9. Next Click Create Notification button
  10. Enter your widget name and click on Facebook Chat Widget and submit
  11. Now past your copied Facebook Messenger Link and customize your widget look & feel, display position, timing etc. and click update.
  12. Now you can enable your FB Messenger widget from top "Change Status" button

That's It! refresh your website, you will find your Facebook Messenger Widget.

Last updated on: 14 June, 2020