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Fully Customizable WhatsApp Chat Widget for Website.

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You can customize the widget in a couple of clicks and add it to your website.

Whatsapp Chat Plugin For Website

WhatsApp Chat Widget is a simple tool for your website customers to stay connected with you and hear answers to their questions and requests. You can customize your Name, Description, Profile Picture, Icon, Button, Welcome Message, start chat triggers, specified pages and even more.

Once you enable your widget you will see all activity of your widget on statistics page of the widget so you can get how your widget is performing. Integration is very easy, you just need to add small code in to your page that's it!, your Whatsapp for website is ready to use.

Where can I integrate this Whatsapp plugin?
The widget can show on every page of your website, or only on particular pages. From your widget setting page you can define where to show your Whatsapp Chat Plugin.

Why should I use Whatsapp Chat for Website?
Because It will help your visitors to contact you with their questions and requests or their problems. It may help increase your leads and purchases.

How can I add Whatsapp Chat box on my website?
You only will need few minutes of your time to have the widget up and running. Adding widget is super easy, free, and it's not required any coding. For code installation you can follow this integration tutorial.


Following are list of its essential features. It makes the personalize widget incredibly useful & effective for your promotion:

- Integrate WhatsApp messenger on your web page to stay connected with your visitors
- Customize your profile picture with your own image
- Change your title & description text
- Customize your widget color and pattern to match your website
- Display Whatsapp Chat icon on your desired position
- Set your display triggers

Create Your Whatsapp Chat Widget for Website

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