Informational Bar

Fully customizable coding free, easy to use, responsive informational bar for the top or bottom of your website.

New product launches!

We're excited to announce we've launched a new handbags!

You can customize the widget in a couple of clicks and add it to your website.

Create Eye Catching Website Notification Bar

A website notification bar is a banner that stay on the top or bottom of your website and provides useful information to your visitor without getting in the way of any content. This notification bars help to increase sales, signup, conversions and make impactful announcements. It's fully customisable. Information bar is also called as hello bar.


- Fully customizable notification bar, useful for product, event & promotion announcement
- Use your own image, title, description, background image, background color, text color etc.
- Set up your own display trigger & timing
- Optional close button
- Set it on top or bottom of page or floating

Create Your Own Informational Bar Notification

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